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Frecnh and Russian Business Law services

Presentation of the Law Office

The French Law Office “Irina Sidorova” is specialized in French business law. Our clients, Individual and Corporate, are both domestic and international. We are at the forefront of the legal, economic and social innovations.

Of paramount importance is our clients, their wishes and expectations. We, at “Irina Sidorova” make a commitment to offer personalized solutions to all situations encountered by individual businessmen, private companies or non-profit organizations. We regard the lawyer—client relationship as being a partnership. This partnership working together so we can provide correct and timely advice for dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We bring the most effective answers to the reality of any situation and activity whilst taking due regard of national and international economic connections and consequences.

“Irina Sidorova” is also able to advise you in the other domains of the law. If a particular request is outside our expertise, we then work in partnership with outside consultants to assemble a team of appropriate Lawyers to resolve the issue at hand.

The quality of communication is one of our core priorities; concise, accurate communication is central to the success of any legal task.

Specifics of our Services

Our Law Office is international in outlook. On the one hand, we assist French-speaking, Russian-speaking and English-speaking clients in their dealings with the French legal and economic systems. Whilst on the other hand, we assist French and Foreign clients in their international activities, particular with Russia.

Besides French, we work regularly in Russian and in English. Our multilingualism allows clients to establish a direct and privileged partnership with their lawyer and avoids any misunderstanding resulting from speaking different languages. It also reduces time spent on each case and also saves translation and interpreting costs.

We know that legal protection provides real added value and in many cases is a requirement for the economic development clients. In order to enhance legal protection we marry our analysis of any situation with a good knowledge of the economic, social and cultural context in which they evolve.

Legal Ethics

We adhere to the rules of the governing body of the French legal profession, and, in particular, to those of professional discretion.

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