"French Inheritance"

"Nijegorodskyi Advokat" ("Lawyer of Nijnyi Novgorod") (russian)
n° 201, july 2019

French law—Interview of Irina M. Sidorova relative to French taxes, residence permit and offshore companies applying to Russian entrepreneurs and companies

magazine Riviera russe (, France (russian)
n° 9, december 2014

A changing business context—a contribution to the study “Russian paradoxes” carried out by the French Building Federation.

Journal “Constructif”, France (french)
n° 32, june 2012

Foreign investment in Russia in France: implementation of legislation—by Irina Sidorova and Mikhail Shapovalov.

Bulletin of the Federal Budgetary Institution, State Registration Chamber with the Russian Ministry of Justice for Federal Districts, Russia (russian)
n° 4, august 2011

Russian Bonds. Pre-Revolutionary Russian Bonds’ Owners still have in mind to receive the compensation

“Novaya Advokatskaya Gazeta”, “New lawyers' journal”, Russia (russian)
n° 10, may 2010

Interview of I.M.Sidorova “Corporate raids: ‘white collars’ criminals continue their activity”—the article tells about the practice of corporate raids in Russia.

magazine “Classe Export”, France (french)
n° 188, april 2010

Breach of a Solid Wall—the article examines the issues surrounding lawyers' professional confidentiality in France.

“Novaya Advokatskaya Gazeta”, “New lawyers' journal”, Russia (russian)
n° 20 (061), october 2009

Resolving commercial disputes in France. What should be taken into account by a company when taking a case to the Commercial court in France

journal “Judge of the Russian Federation” (“Судья РФ”, “Sudia RF”), Russia (russian)
n° 4, october 2009

Lawyers' fees in France—the article examines the issues of calculation, payment and recovery of fees for legal services in France.

journal “Новая Адвокатская Газета” (“Novaya Advokatskaya Gazeta”, “New lawyers' journal”), Russia (russian)
n° 6 (47), march 2009


Petr Pavlenski has complained aboud French Courts and unbearable conditions

journal “Российская газета” (“Rossiyskaya gazeta”, “Russian journal”), federal issue, Russia (russian)
21:13, 16 november 2017

Petr Pavlenski can be sentenced up to 10 years in prison—Comments in connection with setting the Bank of France on fire by Russian protest performance artist Pavlenski

Govorit Moskva, Russia (russian)
12:38, 16 october 2017

"French lawyers stayed without defense and without money"— comments regarding the strike of French lawyers.

Radio France Internationale, France (russian)
16:07, 20 october 2015

in the article of Oleg Shevtsov “Hollande decided to save money on the children's budget”—the develops new arrangements concerning social taxes in France.

journal “Известия” (“Izvestia”), Russia (russian)
12:43, 5 june 2013

in the article “French man fined for illegally downloading Rihanna songs”

Expert legal system “Lexpro”, Russia (russian)
5 september 2012

by Irina M. Sidorova in the article of Igor Yavlansky and Oleg Shevtsov “Facing up to 3 years in jail for insulting the faith in Europe”—the report in regard to the Pussy Riot's case in Russia.

journal “Известия” (“Izvestia”), Russia (russian)
13:21, 3 august 2012

in the article of Kirill Zubkov and Oleg Shevtsov “The victim of Strauss-Kahn's harassment kicks back”—the report in regard to the development of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's case, former director of IMF.

journal “Известия” (“Izvestia”), Russia (russian)
14:57, 29 july 2011

in the article of Igor Yavlansky and Oleg Shevtsov “Dominique Strauss-Kahn is trying to hush up”—the report in regard to the development of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's case, former director of IMF.

journal “Известия” (“Izvestia”), Russia (russian)
15:49, 15 june 2011

in the report of Ludmila Shaoulina “The merits of Strauss-Kahn are blown away”—the report presents Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former director of IMF.

“Vesti FM”, Russia (russian)
19:00, 19 may 2011

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